Home Visit Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

If you are in desperate need of home visit physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex, then you have certainly come to the right place here at Bodyworks Physiotherapy.  
Domiciliary physiotherapy, also known as home visit physiotherapy, allows a designated therapist to assess and treat individuals and loved ones in the comfort of their own home, or residential/cre home. By doing this service, it greatly reduces any potential complications that may have totally restricted those from attending a hospital or clinic.  
This enables our staff to identify and address any specific difficulties that are being experienced and makes sure those who are in need of physiotherapy are accounted for. What's more is that we can work with carers, families and other health professionals to help achieve the client’s optimal level of independence. Get in touch for home visit physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex today! 

Domiciliary Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

For those interested in domiciliary physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex area, you may be wondering what sort of procedures our highly qualified staff provide. We offer physiotherapy programmes from the following difficulties individuals may have: 
• Home physio after a prolonged hospital stay 
• Reduced mobility or impaired balance 
• Post-operative rehabilitation 
• Neurological conditions 
• Falls, both after and advice on falls prevention 
Finally, domiciliary physiotherapy support after a hospital stay or an operation is a crucial part of an individual's recovery. Often patients feel frustrated at not being able to do activities post-operation that they could do previously. Understandably, they want a supportive framework to guide them back to their normal ways as they may lack certain levels of confidence. This is why it is our responsibility here at Bodyworks Physiotherapy to make sure clients get back this confidence and physical health to get them back to their normal everyday lives. 
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