Knee Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

Looking for knee physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex? Bodyworks Physiotherapy has got you covered! Knee pains are common complaints that affect people of all ages. From growing adolescents to people entering retirement age, they can be incredibly uncomfortable and sore if not treated correctly. 
In some extreme cases, failure to treat knee pain can have some irreversible effects which may hinder you from performing simple tasks like jogging or kneeling. As such, it's always important to treat knee pain as soon as it arises.  
With this in mind, you can rest assured that our team of physiotherapists here at Bodyworks are highly qualified in knee physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex. 

Physiotherapy for Knee Pain in Colchester, Essex 

Any type of knee injury can affect the ligaments, tendons or fluid-filled sacs that surround your knee. You may have heard of a term called ‘ACL’ injury which is a tear (partial or full) of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and is one of the more serious and time-consuming knee pains to recover from (along with knee dislocations). 
An ACL injury is particularly common in sports that require sudden changes in direction. Some of the more common knee injuries include any signs of stiffness, swelling or popping noises. If you are experiencing any of the previously stated, it could mean that your knee is slightly damaged and in need of some attention. We also see many cartilage, or meniscal injuries, here at Bodyworks Colchester which can often be treated without surgical intervention. Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee is also a common condition that we see and although we cannot reverse any arthritic changes we can slow down the process and improv your symptoms with strengthening and mobility exercises. 
This is where you should consider our elite level staff here at Bodyworks as they specialise in physiotherapy for knee pain in Colchester, Essex. 
"So glad I ignored my GP's advice to sit at home and do nothing for 4 weeks with a problem to my left knee. Claire diagnosed some damage to the cartilage and with 4 sessions of treatment was able to travel north for my holiday. Friendly and efficient and more importantly treat and cure quickly face to face! Thoroughly recommend Claire and her team" 
Kenneth Chapman 
"I have had my first session with Katrina today following a knee replacement. Although I had been following an exercise regime provided by the hospital, I felt very isolated, not sure if I was doing things right. Katrina was hands on therapy and exercise. She explained each step of exercise and massage. I feel so optimistic about the future now, had been feeling a bit bleak. Even got e mailed various exercises we had practised to do at home. So relieved to have such a professional encouraging physio" 
Shirley Prince 
"Excellent service and advise. Really helped me to recover from my injury and are very good with managing appointments" 
Ian Sycamore 
“I’ve always been so impressed with Katrina's treatment for my knee trouble, I cannot fault any staff who I’ve met along the way, always sympathetic and friendly from the moment you walk through the door, keep it up guys, you are the best” 
Clive Nelson 
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