Many Sportsmen and Women present to us complaining of pain in the groin or hip and have been told that they have strained their groin or hamstring muscles, or damaged their hip. With a full in-depth assessment looking at the lumbar spine, the pelvis and the pelvic floor muscles we often discover that the hamstrings or the hip are not the true source of the pain. 
The pelvic floor area is important to be investigated with Sportsmen and Women that present with pelvic pain, low back pain, high hamstring strains, adductor strains and with urinary stress incontinence. Too much tension in the pelvic floor muscles can cause compression and pain, whereas weakness or underuse of the pelvic muscles for stability and strength can lead to issues of pain as well as incontinence. 
The pelvic floor is often an area that is completely overlooked. Sportsmen and women are not typically asked about issues relating to the pelvic floor, such as bladder urgency, frequency or leakage. In general, many people are too shy or embarrassed to bring up issues such as genital pain or difficulties relating to bladder and bowel health or even sexual dysfunction. 
If you are suffering with pelvic pain or hip or groin pain then book in to see Katrina now. Katrina has in-depth knowledge and experience of Chronic Pelvic Pain and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. 
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