Manual Therapy in Colchester, Essex 

If you’re looking for manual therapy in Colchester, Essex, then Bodyworks Physiotherapy can help you. Manual therapy is used by our physiotherapists to treat musculoskeletal pain, primarily by the mobilisation of joints and soft tissue work.  
People who find the most benefit from manual therapy include those suffering with joint and muscle pains, as this therapy offers effective relief to these areas. When undergoing manual therapy, one of our therapists will fully assess the area which is causing you problems so that a suitable treatment programme can be deveolped so that the pain is reduced and function restored. 
This includes mobilisation techniques to joints, and stretching and muscle energy techniques. To find out more about manual therapy in Colchester, Essex, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today! 

Manual Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

When you choose to undergo manual physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex with us, your physiotherapist will discuss several different options with you, all designed to help and benefit you. Your physiotherapist will make sure to discuss these in detail with you and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the options, so you can make a fully informed decision about what will be the best option for you. Manual therapy is great for a range of ailments including decreasing pain and improving the mobility of joints, soft tissues and nerves, making this type of therapy ideal for sufferers of arthritis and those needing to regain their range of motion after major operations such as a knee replacement. Why not get in touch with us today to find out more about our manual therapy in Colchester, Essex options? 
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