Physiotherapy for Back Pain in Colchester, Essex 

If you’re in need of physiotherapy for back pain in Colchester, Essex, then we can help! We have a highly skilled team of physiotherapists who are always happy to help relieve you of your back pain! For many of us, we may experience some degree of back pain during our lives. 
This can come from a number of places, including your working environment and illnesses. Fortunately, there are options available for treating back pain and relieving the pressure caused by it, including a mixture of both hands on and hands off solutions, all of which can be tailored to fit your preference and schedule. 
For more information about our services covering physiotherapy for back pain in Colchester, Essex, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today. 

Back Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

If you’re looking for back physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex, then look no further than us! Back problems are quite common and something can be done to help you. 
They can be caused by a range of things, from prolonged exposure to labour intensive activities which put strain on your back to much deeper origins, such as a chronic illness that you may be suffering with. 
Back pains can also be caused by trauma, such as car or sports accidents. However, for sufferers of back pain, there are options available to help you recover! 
When you book a consultation session with one of our senior physiotherapists, they will listen to your problems and talk you through the options available to you, making sure to give you all of the necessary information to allow you to make an informed decision. To book a consultation for back physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex, get in touch with a member of our team today! 
"Cannot recommend Bodyworks enough! Had to be seen at short notice as I'd put my back out badly and couldn't travel, Katrina got to the bottom of the problem right away via zoom consultation and gave me a number of stretches and ways to alleviate pain and get back to normal. I was also given several exercises with video tutorials to do once I'm back in action in order to avoid repeating the injury. Excellent end to end treatment" 
James Nomico 
"A long term back problem and pain in my pelvis has been slowly improving with the assessment and treatment from Katrina. Her patience in explaining things, listening to what isn’t right and working up home exercises to keep me progressing forwards is brilliant. I am able to do more with less pain. Thank you Bodyworks - an excellent physiotherapist service" 
Anna Troughton 
"I have seen several physios here. They have all been very thorough, very helpful and very skilled. I have had back problems for over 4 years following issues in pregnancy. The Bodyworks staff have helped me every step of the way, from post-natal pilates to insisting my gp referred me for an MRI (which led to spinal injections) to now regular treatment to rehabilitate. I would be lost without them. Thank you" 
“Amazing people. Had 2 bulging disc's in my lower back ,struggling to even walk. Just after a week seeing Claire it was soooo much better, I was like a different person. Can't thank her enuff!!!!!” 
Craig Mowat 
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