Pregnancy Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

At Bodyworks Physiotherapy, we offer the leading pregnancy physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex so you don’t have to suffer in silence. Pregnancy can often lead to various common discomforts like back pain and pelvic pain which can affect your ability to complete even the simplest daily tasks. The body goes through extreme physical and hormonal changes both during and after pregnancy which is why the discomfort we experience during pregnancy is often accepted as a typical symptom of this process. However, physiotherapy could be the solution you are looking for to relieve the pain you are experiencing as a result of your pregnancy. As well as the common symptoms of pain in your lower back and pelvis, mothers can also receive post pregnancy physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex to relieve neck pain, headaches, bladder leakage, joint mobility, muscle imbalances, and much more. 
Physiotherapy Can Help Relieve the Following Conditions: 
Lower back pain caused by a shift in the mother's centre of gravity as the baby grows 
Issues with the bony pelvis 
Neck pain and headaches due to changes in posture 
Bladder leakage during pregnancy and after delivery due to strained pelvic muscles 
Stretching of the abdominal walls leading to back pain 
Joint mobility 
Muscle imbalances and strengths 

Post Pregnancy Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

Are you looking for post pregnancy physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex? Here at Bodyworks Physiotherapy, we offer a huge range of treatments to help our clients reduce painful symptoms and discomforts caused by being pregnant. Typically, our physiotherapy consists of a combination of pain management, postpartum rehabilitation, joint flexibility techniques, and exercises to improve strength, mobility, posture, and balance. All of our physiotherapists are highly skilled, qualified, and experienced in all areas of pregnancy physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex which enables us to provide the best results. We are strong believers that pregnancy should be an enjoyable and exciting experience so get in touch today for help during your pregnancy. 
Treatment Includes: 
Pain management 
Exercises to improve strength and mobility 
Exercises to help postural alignment and body balance 
Techniques to aid joint and soft tissue flexibility 
Postpartum rehabilitation – see our section on the Post Natal MOT 
You do not need to suffer without help during your pregnancy. 
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