Taping in Colchester, Essex 

If you are looking for kinesio taping in Colchester, Essex, Bodyworks Physiotherapy has got you covered. Taping is well known for improving the performance of athletes and preventing injury. Taping is also effective for acute injuries with significant swelling, repetitive strain injuries, neck and back pain caused by poor posture, and to support joints. We are able to perform taping therapy in Colchester, Essex on athletes of all ages but we avoid taping broken skin, infected areas, and those with tape allergies. Simply book a consultation at Bodyworks Physiotherapy for kinesio taping in Colchester, Essex and we will discuss the most suitable course of action for your needs. 

Taping Therapy in Colchester, Essex 

When receiving kinesio taping or leucotape in Colchester, Essex at Bodyworks, it is essential to make sure your skin is clean and free of oils and creams otherwise the tape will not stick. This type of treatment is ideal for those requiring posture control, pain relief, improved coordination, reduced swelling, normalised muscle activity, optimal injury recovery, and much more! Our physiotherapists are highly experienced and will have you feeling at ease from the minute you enter our clinic. We even offer taping lessons where we teach patients how to apply kinesio tape themselves - so get in touch today for all things kinesio taping in Colchester, Essex! 
The Benefits of Taping: 
Pain Relief – It helps reduce the pressure on pain receptors in the body 
Reduces Swelling – Due to the decompression affect of the tape, altering fluid dynamics 
Controls Posture – It acts as an elastic reminder of where your body or limbs should be 
Normalises Muscle Activity 
Improves Proprioception and Co-ordination – Decreases the risk of injury 
Optimizes Injury Recovery 
Kinesiology taping or Leucotape is an excellent adjunct to physiotherapy treatment. It can help to prolong the effects achieved by mobilisation and soft tissue techniques used by the therapist and patients can be taught how to apply tape to themselves to continue this effect. 
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