Pilates Head Pads 
Use the Pilates head pads to support the head and neck for those with more pronounced forward neck posture. The head pad can also be used for support under the hands and knees and can be placed under the lower back to help release the front of the hips and maintain neutral alignment. 
The head pads come in 1 and 3 inches. 
The head pads come with a removable cover. 
Soft Pilates Ball 
The Soft Pilates Ball is designed to target and strengthen those hard to get muscle groups. It is also a brilliant support tool that can be inflated / deflated to suit the exercise. Ideal for neck pain. 
Safe anti-burst material 
Environmentally friendly 
Latex Free 
Colour: Turquoise Diameter: 18cm 
Weighted Balls 
Weighted Balls - 0.5kg Pair 
These 0.5kg pair of Weighted Soft Balls can be used to strengthen, tone & re-align the body. 
This great quality pair of weighted soft balls are ideal for use at a class or at home to add challenge and variety to your repertoire. 
Easy to grip. Surface washable. 
Color: Purple 
Resistance Bands 
The Pilates Band is a versatile product for exercise, rehabilitation and conditioning. The APPI band comes in 2 forms of resistance - Arms and Legs. 
Industry tested and specific to the muscle groups used. 
Smooth progressive resistance:- 
Colour: Blue Heavy strength 
Green: Medium strength 
Red: Low strength 
Foam Roller 
The foam roller is extremely durable and has been designed with high density foam to promote balance and stability. Use the roller to challenge core stability, improve balance reactions and mobilise the spine. 
Size: 90cm x 15cm -suitable for those up to 6ft tall 
Colour: Blue or Pink 
Balance Pods 
Improve balance and motor skills 
16.5cm base and 8.0cm high 
Both side can be used (Flat and Pebble side) 
Suitable for all levels users 
2 x Balance Pods, Pump Included 
An ideal tool for improving balance, coordination and flexibility. 
Made from EU approved phthalates free pvc & contain no heavy metal elements. Conforms to the safety requirements of EU EN71, US CPSIA & ASTM F963. Safe to use. 
How to adjust air pressure: Inserts the needle with the pump into the air hole for inflation; Inserts the needle only without the barrel of the pump for deflation. No additional plug needed to close the air hole. 
Stability Wobble Cushion 
14in/35cm in diameter, large spiky dimples on one side (for standing), very small dimples on the reverse side (for sitting) 
Free 6-inch hand pump included for easy inflation. Cushion is delivered deflated. Use the free pump for easy inflation or deflation, and adjust the pressure to the desired firmness. 
Made from EU approved phthalates free pvc & contain no heavy metal elements. Durable & safe. 
Helps improve balance, coordination and flexibility; Good for active sitting, muscle strengthening, and joint stabilization. 
Instruction: Insert the needle of the pump into the tiny hole for inflation; Insert the needle only without the barrel of the pump into the hole for deflation. Find the hole on the 4th outer ring--One spiky dimple is replaced by that tiny hole.