Physicool’s cooling products have been designed and medically tested to deliver the very best in instant cooling therapy. Each bandage comes pre-treated in a medically formulated Coolant. The versatile Physicool Cooling Bandage has proved to greatly reduce swelling and inflammation, reducing pain whilst helping speed up the recovery process, getting people back up on their feet fast! 
Physicool: The Science. How Physicool Works 
Physicool is a unique cooling bandage impregnated with rapidly evaporating alcohols. When the bandage is wrapped around a limb or body part the alcohols will react to the body heat and evaporate. This evaporative process draws heat out of the local underlying tissue. Whilst the deep tissue is cooling down the simultaneous compression will modify the inflammatory response, helping healing and recovery. 
The science of cooling by rapid evaporation 
Evaporation is a process which involves a liquid changing to a gas. When a liquid evaporates it loses the warmest particles first and the remaining particles are cooler. The coolant liquid in the bandage draws the warmest particles, the heat and inflammation, away from the deeper tissues, which results in a cooling effect. 
Physicool cooling with open-cell technology 
The Physicool bandage has been scientifically developed to bind the coolant to the surface of the bandage and ensure a sustained delivery of the coolant for two hours plus. This is achieved through the unique weave of the bandage which employs open-cell technology which traps the coolant in the ‘cells’ and releases a continual cooling effect. 
More coolant can be sprayed directly into the bandage if a further period of cooling is required. There is no need to remove the bandage to do this, due to the exceptional binding effect of Physicool. 
Cryotherapy (cooling therapy) is widely used as a beneficial treatment in both the early management and the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. The temperature of the underlying tissues is reduced by the withdrawal of heat away from the body to achieve a therapeutic effect; reducing tissue temperature, blood flow, pain, and metabolism in the affected area. When Physicool is used correctly, the bandage will feel warm to the touch on the outside. More on Cryotherapy 
Physicool combines compression and support with sustained cooling. Research shows that the therapeutic benefits of cold therapy are enhanced by the simultaneous compression of the affected area (Capps, 2007). The aim of compression is to stop haemorrhaging and reduce swelling. 
Physicool in Sports Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation 
Physicool is a sports injury treatment and kit-bag essential. Used by sports enthusiasts, athletes, therapists and coaches; Physicool is used to treat acute injuries or systematically used throughout training for recovery. Physicool has become a reliable rehabilitation essential, enabling athletes and sport enthusiasts to recover quicker, train harder and reach peak performance. 
"We use the Cooling Bandage to aid recovery. Physicool greatly reduces swelling and inflammation, reducing pain, whilst helping speed up the recovery process – getting players back on their feet faster." Dan Martin, Head of Medical Services, Bristol Rugby Club. 
Sports Injury Treatment 
Cooling therapy (known as cryotherapy) in used within sports injury treatment to reduce tissue temperature, blood flow, pain, and metabolism in the affected area. It is a well-researched treatment particularly for soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains. 
When an injury occurs, there is inflammation and pain. Oedema (swelling) occurs due to an increase in local blood flow to the injured site. The application of Physicool’s cooling bandage reduces the tissue temperature around the injured site resulting in constriction of the local blood vessels; therefore reducing blood flow and swelling, treating the injured area. Reducing the amount of swelling early on will reduce the pain as the nerve endings at the injury site will not be as compressed. Therefore, the sooner Physicool is used to treat a sports injury, the greater the benefit and the speedier the rehabilitation. 
Sports Rehabilitation 
Cooling treatment is used to reduce the recovery time as part of a sport rehabilitation programme. Physicool is successfully used post race/match to cool and compress the target muscles. This offers the muscle-recovery benefits of an ice bath but without the ice water and chilling pain. Physicool is used to speed up recovery, reduce muscle pain and relieve soreness; increasing successive performance. 
Although cooling therapy is effective with few complications or side-effects, prolonged application of ice based remedies (ice, icepacks, icewraps) should be avoided as this may cause serious side-effects, such as frost-bite and nerve injuries (Swensen, 1996). There is evidence that even applying ice wrapped in a towel can lead to frostbite (Graham, 2000). Physicool provides a much safer alternative to cooling with ice-based products. 
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